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01 June 2008



I just asked my husband where Lowell is, in relation to us, and he said it's only about 40 miles. In fact while you were there yesterday we were in Kooskia. So close!

But I've never been to Lowell and now I have a nice Saturday excursion destination. I'll try the sandwich!


Okay, I'm hungry now. Iowa style eh?


Diana and Clare--I await your reviews of your own breaded pork tenderloin experiences.



It's a sunny, Sunday morning here in Arizona, and I've now frittered my morning away reading your posts.

I'm brand new to reading blogs, only for a week now. But after sifting through the innane ramblings of hundreds of blogs, I find your posts a great paring with a good pot of coffee.



Ken--thanks for the thoughts. While I can't imagine taking these 'sketches' with coffee most were written with tea.

Ron Kaster

I grew up eating Breaded Pork Tendorloin Sandwiches at the 'Millie's Drive In' (since closed) Restaurant, in Des Moines,IA, in the mid to late 1950s,and their sandwich was one of the best, I've had.
The pork tenderloin meat (very thinly pounded) portion, was about eight to nine inches across,after cooking, and was served on a six inch bun. The actual pork was pounded very thin, then dipped into a batter, and bread crumbs, and deep fried, delicious with mustard and 'Millie's (sort of like a Thousand Island dressing) special sauce. I sure miss eating them. Have found nothing similar anywhere since then.


Ron--that sandwich you describe is the one I also remember, although I'm dubious about that 'special sauce' it sounds like an awfully big deviation from tradition (and my deeply ingrained memories). I think you have three choices to alleviate that sense of the missed sandwich in your life: (1) try making one yourself, (2) head to some small town restaurant in Iowa (no matter how far away you may be now), or 3) drive up to Idaho to have a sandwich at the Wilderness Inn.


Larry, if you liked Millies Drive-In then you should like the tenderloins at B&B Grocery Meat and Deli. I believe the owners of B&B are related to the past owners of Millies. Regardless, B&B's pork tenderloin sandwich is outstanding. I'm addicted to it.

It's definately a must to try if you're in Des Moines, Iowa.

Connie Stivers

Was Millie's on 2nd Ave. I have friends that say no. I was a car-hop around 1959 and thought that I worked at Millie's on 2nd Ave. I know it moved to University east of 2nd ave. later.

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