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28 November 2009



It sounds like a course that I'd love to take. Have fun with it.


Clare--thanks. Indeed, I intend to have fun with this one.


Interesting. Right away, literary texts came to mind, especially Reif Larsen's The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet.


This sounds fabulous, Larry! I begin student teaching next week, which unfortunately continues through the spring semester. I would have loved to take this as one of my final courses at WSU.

Will you let me know what the readings are once they're chosen? Or direct me to an online copy of your syllabus?


Jill--Yes, one does think about fiction of collections and museums. Thanks for calling my attention to the Reif Larson book--his website is intriguing. Let me add my own fiction recollections to the collection/museum genre: Bruce Chatwin's 'Utz' (can't find my copy), John Fowles's 'The Collector' (don't want to touch my copy), John Updike's story "Museum and Women" and Claudia Casper's 'The Reconstruction."

I may use a piece of fiction here and there in the course.

Emily--I'll be glad to provide you with a reading list for the course. I'll hope for a class of students like you.

I'm planning to have the students use blogs as a format for their writing assignments much like we used the course on scientific travel narratives so you may see me addressing my own writing prompts here at 'botanizing.' And I expect to be writing more about museums and course prep in the next month.

Emily--good luck with the student teaching--hope it goes well and that you enjoy it.

Julie Sanderson

Hello Larry, I came to your info about the new class on museums in a round about way. I stopped at the Herbarium to look at specimens of Alhagi maurorum (which I noticed are not included in the WTU Weed Map, didnt your collections get included in that project?). after visiting the herbarium in person, I checked out the website when I got home and found your blog about the museum class. I'm sending my daughter, who is at WSU, a link right away, if she had known about your class, I am sure she would have signed up! She is interested in museum curation as a career, so I hope she contacts you. Thanks for the interesting blog, I don't usually follow these things, but as a 'botanizer' myself I think I'll find it fun. I too have an early spring location to search out the very first Lomatiums as a reassurance that spring is returning. Some how I always feel the strong inevitable approach of fall and winter, but spring always seems more tentative, like maybe, just maybe it won't happen this year. And then I find the first Lomatium and I know we made it through one more time. Julie

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