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21 December 2008



Great story, great photo.

Love the barber details; we have a barbershop just like that here. Sometimes we look in from outside and see that the place is packed and give up on getting our son a haircut that day but the last time we were desperate enough to wait - and found, once inside, that half of the men assembled were just visiting!

And I can't walk by the place without getting a friendly wave from the barber. I'm sure he can't really recognize me after the two times I've been inside. Everyone must get this wave.


Beautiful story, Larry. Your blog could be a book.


Diana--Your report on the barbershop sounds familiar. Although perhaps this is the time to admit that I haven't been in a true barbershop since I was a teenager.

Jill--Thanks. Unfortunately, the blog is far from a book.

Larry Ayers

That's just a great story, Larry! Thanks!

It's been more than thirty years since I've been in a barber shop, but I have vivid memories of the sights and smells.


Larry--thanks for your note. Like you, I haven't been in barber shop in over 30 years. Actually, I've never really liked to get my hair cut (and my next appointment is tomorrow).

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