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01 January 2007



I missed this in the Times, and when I saw your post I couldn't, at first, figure why a painting was on the cover of the NY Times. This has the look of one of Delacroix's earlier paintings, like the "Bark of Dante" or "Massacre at Chios", also visions of the catastrophic.

What an amazing image - I understand your bleak post. But no need for only happy posts to follow... your writing is a joy to read no matter what!


Carol--For some reason I hadn't thought about paintings of catastrophe, war, and apocalypse when I looked at the photograph, but I'm glad you pointed this out. I see what you mean about paintings of desolation in some late 1700-early 1800 French painting (but my mind pulls toward the delights of Ingres). The bleakness of the photograph, although not its composition, calls to mind the scythe-sweeping horrors of paintings by Arnold Bocklin.


I only know Bocklin from a Art Nouveau typeface named after him ...must explore further!


...or an Art Nouveau typeface...


on the computer screen the photograph looks more like a painting... i keep squinting at it and it does have all the formal elements and shadings a painter could want, though the view from here is a bit amorphous.
you write very well. thanks.


sarahjane--thanks! I hadn't thought about the painterly qualities of the photograph, but it had a strong sensory effect on me. Hopefully, you know you can click on the image to see a larger version.

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