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24 September 2006



Larry, I can't quite see the bottom of the bike when I click on the image to enlarge. The bottom is cropped off. The mystery behind this oddity is therefore increased. What's the story?


Laura--I'm not sure why the enlargement won't scroll. Technology baffles me!

I know little about the exercise bike. I saw it sitting by the tree amid sagebrush when I was crossing a mountain range in northeastern California on my return some weeks ago from the annual botany meetings. I made a quick stop for the photograph because the scene was slightly absurd but it begged for a story--just as you sensed.

Because they will narrative, I kind of like to leave some photographs without much baggage to let others invent their own stories. [Please feel free to invent your own story for the exercise bike--you can post it here if you want!] [I think it wants a Raymond Carver-kind of short story.]


I read the brief explanation you put here a few days ago. I hope you are feeling less stranded now. I've been thinking about the extravagant soul who put her/his exercise bicycle there, making of those wild outdoors a domestic space. Or trying to.

I totally agree

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