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22 October 2005



Ah Meadowlarks. One of my favourite birdsongs, and a memory of home. One thing I always marveled about their song was how, even in a car at 100 kms/hr with the windows closed you could hear them clearly singing.

How about submitting this post to I and the Bird? https://10000birds.com/iandthebird.htm

I sure do enjoy your writing.

Cindy M.

a wonderful scene and the thought of western meadowlarks in song is even more wonderful :)


Thanks for the comments. It must be true that you can hear meadowlarks even at high speed with the windows closed.

My travels for many years have been largely in the western meadowlarkscape, where the song has been good accompaniment. L

Chelsea DuMarce

This website is cool!


Chelsea--thanks for stopping-by--I'm glad you enjoyed the visit.

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